See Alice
A stand-up group of musicians, ready when you are...

About Us

We are musicians with day jobs who stumbled upon each others' talents through our various associations, as if destiny had meant for us to form a band. After recognizing a need for "fresh blood" in the area music market, we formed See Alice. Audiences love our "shuffled playlist" sets that include classic rock, funk, blues, pop, and forgotten B-sides. Whether we're growling out a rock tune or making your spine tingle with soaring harmonies, your guests will be singing our praises for days after your event.

BANDMATES: John Siegle (musical director, lead guitar, vocals), James Schiffman (guitar, bass, vocals), Lynette Foss (vocals, keys), Mark Taylor (vocals, keys, harmonica), Erin Brush (bass, vocals), Mark Zucker (drums), Craig Watkins (drums), and Scott Gilbert (guitar).